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Security Clearance

Security Clearance Attorney Providing Nationwide Services

Maintaining a security clearance is an extremely important issue facing federal employees today. It is required for many promotions and can be extremely difficult to obtain. If you feel as though you are being wrongfully denied the proper clearance or if your clearance has been revoked, we will aggressively advocate for you.

Contact a Washington, DC security clearance attorney for assistance with your federal employment discrimination concerns. Advancing in your career is critical and there is a lot of money at stake that the government could be trying to withhold from you.

Unfortunately, security clearance revocations can be career-ending and can substantially affect future job prospects. This is why Morris E. Fischer, LLC should represent you in handling any security clearance matter. We have vigorously fought for individuals facing clearance revocations and denials. Revocations can have a lasting impact on your career and life. Without the ability to access classified information, for example, the job market narrows, and a future job search can be stressful and unsuccessful. With so much on the line, it is important to choose a law firm that will zealously advocate to keep you from losing your clearance and ultimately your job.

Security clearance revocation/denial may result for various reasons. Often, revocation or denial is a result of:

  • Questionable allegiance to the United States
  • Preference for a foreign country or having foreign financial interests
  • Foreign Influence
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Personal conduct of questionable judgment
  • Financial difficulties
  • Misuse of information technology systems
  • Criminal conduct
  • Close relationships with relatives in Middle Eastern countries

Primarily, any conduct that questions an individual’s judgment, shows irresponsibility or poses a threat to national security can support a security clearance revocation/denial. Specific Adjudicative Guidelines are used to determine when revocation is in the best interest of the security of the United States. According to these guidelines, specific supporting and mitigating factors are to be considered in reviewing any revocation/denial action. With the help of the attorneys at Morris E. Fischer, LLC, you can ensure that you receive fair process and that all facts in support of your case will be considered before any revocation or denial occurs.

Recent Success

Client v. Department of Homeland Security, March 10, 2017

Security clearance revoked by Agency for surfing the internet during work and among other sites frequented, lingerie football. Successfully overturned decision arguing that Client's actions were nothing compared to Hillary Clinton's and she almost became president.

S. B. v. U.S. Navy, USN-C No. 12-04698 (security clearance matter, federal employee reinstated and security clearance revocation reversed)

We have the important experience with security clearance matters. Recently, we handled a case where an individual who had dual citizenship and over 20 years of government employment, was facing security clearance revocation. The client served as a Sparrow Missile aeronautical engineer and Sidewinder Missile AIM-9X surveillance and reliability engineer with the U.S. Navy for almost twenty years. After inheriting land and property in a foreign country, valued at over 1 million dollars, the client was facing charges of having questionable U.S. allegiance and exposure to coercive foreign influence. The attorneys at Morris E. Fischer, LLC, vigorously fought to prove this individual was not a threat to national security. They assisted in taking care of his foreign affairs, representing him before an Administrative Law Judge at a hearing, helped him to tie up loose ends in the country at issue and passionately represented him in challenging his security clearance revocation.

D.H. v. U.S. Navy, USN-C12-09095 (security clearance matter, federal employee reinstated and security clearance revocation reversed)

Our firm successfully represented a U.S. Navy engineer with over 25 years of federal service who failed a drug test. We proved at the hearing that our client had no history of substance abuse except one isolated incident and that the failed drug test was the result of prescription medications the employee was taking at the time the drug test was administered, rather than because the employee was on heroin or other illegal substances.

Testimonial from Successful Security Clearance client

I would highly recommend the law office of Morris E. Fischer, LLC. Mr. Fischer personally handled my security clearance issue. I am happy to report that I am back at work for the U.S. Navy and my professional life is back in order. Mr. Fischer always had time to listen to me when I called the office. I enjoyed speaking with him as he handled this matter successfully.

U.S. Navy - civilian

Additionally, we have experience with individuals facing security clearance issues as retaliation for reporting misconduct by their employer. We handled a case involving an employee of the Department of Homeland Security who had expressed concerns regarding mismanagement and abusive practices by his superiors. As a level GS-13 employee, our client served as a supervisory security specialist and held the highest level security clearance. In retribution for speaking out about mismanagement, our client was accused of improperly accessing personnel security records, which threatened his eligibility for a security clearance. In reality, this man was only doing his job as he had every other day under the exact same security clearance. Our client was merely a victim of retaliation for engaging in protected activity by reporting abuses within his agency. Our attorney’s drafted a thorough and well-written response to the proposal to revoke this man’s security clearance and have passionately advocated for his security clearance to remain in-tact, as he committed no wrong doing.

Our attorneys are able to provide assistance for any or all of the security clearance process. We cover everything from applications and revocations to the appeals process. No matter the agency involved, we have qualified and experienced attorneys to represent you.

Assistance for Federal Employees from a Washington, DC Law Firm

In addition to the general issues involving security clearances, Federal employees can also experience discrimination in the manner in which the employee was targeted with a security clearance revocation. This can prevent you from significant pay raises and promotions within your department.

Making the Government's Bureaucracy Work for You

There are many ways in which our Maryland law firm can assist you regarding your federal employment. If you leave your position, it is critical to ensure that you leave in the best way possible and that all records are properly documented on how you left, so if you return, your advancement and security clearance issues will not be tarnished. Human error and poor technology can mean that the government will make mistakes regarding your career. We fight to ensure this does not happen.

Contact a Federal Employee Security Clearance Lawyer

Contact our employment law office today. We can review your case and ensure that your rights are being protected at all corners. You should not be wrongfully denied security clearance in order to prevent you from advancing in your career.