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Employment Law Litigation

Tough, Aggressive, and Vigorous

Employment Law Litigation

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Problems Facing Federal Supervisors/Managers

Nationwide Federal Supervisors Attorney

As a federal supervisor or federal manager, it is important to ensure that you are not being mistreated by the government. Reorganizations happen quite frequently in government offices, especially when new administrations are establishing themselves. If you feel as though you have been denied a promotion, experienced unwarranted discipline or were laid off for no justified reason, the law office of Morris E. Fischer, LLC, will help.

Applying for higher grade positions and receiving promotions is no small issue for federal managers. There is a lot of money at stake in your career advancement. Contact a Silver Spring federal supervisors attorney at our Maryland law firm to schedule an initial consultation regarding your rights as a federal employee.

Advocacy for Federal Managers From a Lawyer Serving Clients Nationwide

As you increase in grade level during your career, promotions can be harder and harder to come by. Employers will often claim that field experience or some other required element is needed prior to you advancing. Commonly, after an employee completes the requirements, the government will inform him or her that the individual also needs a new element or the old element no longer applies.

Our employment law attorneys investigate issues like these to ensure that you are not being discriminated against. We will look into how often the requirements for a position change and if these changes are merely because they were trying to keep you from obtaining the position.

Fighting Federal Employee Discrimination in Maryland

If you feel as though your job was phased out or you were overly disciplined for no real reason, you may have a strong employment discrimination case. If the government knows that they can hire a grade 11 employee for a much lower salary, they may attempt to start assigning your tasks to this person, grooming them for the new position. If this begins to happen to you, document it and immediately consult with an experienced employment law attorney at our office.

Contact a Washington D.C. Federal Supervisors Lawyer

Contact our federal employment discrimination law office today. Our Maryland lawyers are experienced at handling all of the discrimination issues federal supervisors face throughout their careers. We will guide you down the path that best protects your interests.