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Employment Law Litigation

Tough, Aggressive, and Vigorous

Employment Law Litigation

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Why should your company hire our law firm for your legal needs?

We have several competitive advantages involving our core competencies. Having litigated wrongful termination cases against companies for many years, we have learned the complexities of how these cases are prepared from the employee and the employee lawyer’s end. The law in this field can be very complicated and we know the soft spots and key issues that the employee has to defend in the case. As such, we have used the knowledge gained in that experience to defend companies against wrongful termination claims.

In addition, since beginning the practice of law in 1996, I’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands of businesses operate from the inside. During civil and employment litigation we are able to subpoena business records, corporate documents, minutes of corporate meetings, shareholder agreements and many other critical records that are the lifeblood of any business. In addition, I’ve taken countless depositions of business owners, executives, corporate officers, managers and supervisors.

Not every employment dispute should see a courtroom. We know the different approaches that can be taken in order to best resolve a matter. At the same time, not every employment case should be settled. Having tried and won cases on each of the sides of company and employee, we have a more complete perspective as to the entire legal process in this area of law.

While the vast majority of these cases can and should be resolved outside of courtrooms, we have litigated these cases successfully through trial.

Robinson V. Ergo Solutions, LLC, United States District Court, District Of Columbia, 14-00379-JDB, January 18, 2018

We represented the DEFENDANT, Ergo Solutions, Inc., against a former employee who asserted a retaliation claim for filing an EEOC charge and subsequently having her telework removed. After three years of litigation, we obtained a DEFENDANT'S VERDICT, at the close of a three-day jury trial in Washington, DC. The jury found for our client in that Ergo Solutions, Inc. had valid reasons for removing the employee's telework, completely unrelated to her EEOC claims. 

Outcome: Defendant's Verdict - We represented the Defendant.

Atkin v. Goldberg's New York Bagels et al, 8:15-cv-03413-GJH, U.S. District Court, District of Maryland

I'm a big believer in giving back to my local community. Goldberg's Bagels has been a staple of the Silver Spring, MD, business community for many years. We defended the bagel shop from an employee overtime claim that could have cost the bagel shop tens of thousands of dollars. U.S. District Court Judge, George J. Hazel, dismissed the plaintiff's claims on Summary Judgment. It was an honor to be retained by Goldberg's Bagels.

We also understand the employer’s financial interests. We’re price innovative for the employer as well because no company has unlimited legal funds. Also, we understand that the company may have a number of legal issues and disputes going on simultaneously. Part of the job of a business lawyer is to not only understand the complexities of one particular case, but the how defending that case fits into the overall company business structure.

Currently, I am involved in the small business eco-system, as a partner and vendor, to multiple tech start-ups. We provide small businesses and startups with a legal plan to deal with these issues so that when they arise the proprietors are ready. This includes:

  • Selecting a business structure such as a Corporation, Partnership or Limited Liability Company.
  • Developing a set plan for the company’s decision making process.
  • Placing key notices in Employee Handbooks
  • Protecting your business ideas through Non-Disclosure Agreements, Patents and Copyrights.
  • Legally enforcing customer receivables without litigation.