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Are you disabled?

Have you blown the whistle?

Have you been retaliated against?

Have you been terminated or suspended?

Have you been denied a reasonable accommodation?

Are you disabled?

Have you blown the whistle?

Have you been retaliated against?

Have you been terminated or suspended?

Have you been denied a reasonable accommodation?

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Ergo Solutions

I want to say a big "Thank You" on behalf of all the partners of Ergo Solutions, for representing us in the Robinson case. It was a long battle, but in the end, the truth and justice prevailed. You did a great job the entire process. Though, we know you tried to get everything dismissed and settled prior to today, sometimes things don't go according to plan. I will admit, in the end it felt good to see the bewildered look of both lawyers when they heard the verdict. They really felt they were going to win without meeting the elements and with no proof. Please write this story in the next book, as another victory for you and your team (smiles).
Again, appreciate everything.

Michael Keegan

"Mr. Fischer has represented me in a very difficult and complicated whistleblower/retaliation case before the MSPB. I found Mr. Fischer to be extremely well versed in all aspects of the law, aggressive (on my behalf) and extremely passionate about my case. It was evident from day one that Mr. Fischer takes "ownership" of his cases and is willing to do whatever it takes (ethically and professionally) to secure the best possible outcome for his clients. I would most highly recommend him.”

Barry Martin

"Thank your Morris for all your help with my case. I would most definitely higly recommend this law firm.”

Dr. Melody Southard ACP, MD

"I had a very complex case against a Maryland County school board. While I liked my first attorney, I didn’t get the sense that he was quite aggressive enough or knew enough of the ins and outs of the legal system to take on a county school board. I found Morris Fischer’s law firm on the internet. It was everything it lived up to be. Morris Fischer represented me and he was very aggressive. He filed his own motion for Summary Judgment, something that few lawyers for the employee do. He fought through of all the county’s motions to dismiss my case on legal technicalities. After all of that, the county agreed to mediation where the case settled on confidential terms. I was very satisfied with my lawyer’s performance in the case, along with his care and concern for my situation. His legal fees are very fair. I would highly recommend Morris Fischer and I give him a five star rating.”

Grace Jibril

I am a loyal client of Morris E. Fischer, LLC. He handled my matter with the utmost professionalism, diligence and care. Anybody with crazy bosses should talk to Morris Fischer. He’s very supportive and he gets results.

Christopher Lyons

“I owe a deep gratitude to Morris Fischer, Esq. and his staff. They represented me against DC government for almost four years. Throughout that time, they fought very hard and never gave up. Morris always kept me informed on my case developments and in his interactions with the national media reporters who inquired and wrote about my case. I would especially recommend this law firm if your case is complex, has high emotion and requires a fearless litigator.”

Annette Bates

Morris E. Fischer, Esq. was absolutely wonderful. He was quite knowledgeable in both auditing procedures and most of all, knowledge of the law. He really worked hard on my case, including nights and weekends. After flying out from Utah for the depositions of my supervisors that Morris obliterated, I knew I couldn’t have picked a better attorney. This guy’s a winner. He does what it takes for the client.

Scott Shipman

I saw Mr. Fischer's videos on his website and I said, "this is me." The firm handled my case just as advertised. This was classic. They handled my case quickly. They were aggressive and next I knew, my case was settled I highly recommend Morris E. Fischer and his staff.

Fatíma Nero

"Morris E. Fischer, Esq. and his staff really fought hard for my case from the very beginning to the very end. They are tenacious and didn't let my former company get away with anything. I highly reccomend this firm for anyone looking for attorneys that will stick with you right to the end."

Regina Mouzon, Elkridge, MD

"I would like to thank Morris Fischer, Attorney and his staff for representing me in my employment law case. They were professional, prompt and aggressive. I recommend them strongly."

Douglas Lester, Glen Burnie, MD

"I would like to thank lawyer Morris Fischer and his staff for the professional job they did on my wrongful termination case. I recommend this office to anyone in a similar situation. This firm is a pleasure to deal with."

S.B., U.S. Navy - civilian

"I would highly recommend the law office of Morris E. Fischer, LLC. Mr. Fischer personally handled my security clearance issue. I am happy to report that I am back at work for the U.S. Navy and my professional life is back in order. Mr. Fischer always had time to listen to me when I called the office. I enjoyed speaking with him as he handled this matter successfully."

Angela Martin, Silver Spring, MD

"I would like to personally thank you for all of your work and support on my case. Your assistance has brought significant closure to a very painful part of my professional life and I am grateful for your confidence and guidance through this process. It is invaluable to me and I would highly recommend you and your firm to others. FANTASTIC!!!"

Susan Rowe

"Again, thank you, Dan and the others for all of your hard work. I couldn't have accomplished my primary objectives in this case without you. I will happily recommend you to anyone I know with a need in the future."

Michelle, Upper Marlboro, MD

"Ok so if you are reading this, you are at the point of getting legal assistance. Morris Fischer is the only option and will get you in a position of being heard. My first attorney took my money and did nothing and even told me to walk away. Well, I prayed and prayed and Morris' website popped up on my computer screen (this is the absolute truth)...now I am about to cash my check! My main piece of advice is to get out of your own way and hire Morris. Don't be a micro manager to Morris, just let him do his job! There were times when silence made me anxious…but in the end I prevailed and I must say thanks Dan! They can negotiate a cookie from the cookie monster! Oh one more piece of advice…when in settlement negotiations demand a check within 10 business days...I did it and yep got it."

Kanika Boston , Washington, DC

"I would like to personally thank Mr. Fischer and the staff at his law firm in litigating my sexual harassment case. They worked hard on the case and took the time to understand the issues. Always available, him, the associates, and in particular, Dan Kenney, were always available to listen to my concerns. I would strongly recommend this law firm for your employment needs."

Jewel Lee Dorney , Fayetteville, North Carolina

"I'm a resident of Fayetteville, North Carolina and I had a whistleblower case against the Department of the Army. I had a North Carolina attorney who I liked very much, but litigating before the Merit Systems Protection Board, was not his specialty. As I attempted to work through the case, I realized that I needed a lawyer with the right experience before the MSPB, who was compassionate and aggressive. I found Maryland attorney Morris Fischer. For a very reasonable legal fee, he was able to analyze my case, represent me before the Administrative Law Judge and ultimately bring the case to settlement. I am deeply grateful for the efforts Mr. Fischer made on my behalf. I couldn't have done this without him."

Elena Nacamuli, Community Outreach/Network, Dystonia Support Group of Greater Washington, D.C.

"I'd like to thank Morris Fischer, Maryland Attorney and Neil S. Hyman, Esq. for their work in litigating my case. They were excellent in walking me through the litigation process every step of the way. Whether it was the initial filing with the MCHR or my deposition, these guys stayed with me all the way and guided me to a settlement I was pleased with. I would highly recommend each of these attorneys for your employment matters."

Kevin Crowley, Washington, D.C.

"I'm a disabled federal employee. I'm so glad that I retained Maryland Attorney, Morris Fischer to represent me in my case. I'd be lost without him. Always available, Mr. Fischer is like a pathfinder through a maze of government bureaucracy like no one I've ever seen. He drafted my formal EEO discrimination and Office of Special Counsel complaints precisely and with great care. He knows how to fight the government system of attempting to bury cases to make sure they never see the light of day. He truly lives up to his tough, aggressive and vigorous representation. I would personally recommend his office to all employees, public and private."

Michael Prescott, Parker, Colorado

"I'd like to thank my attorneys, Michael Crocenzi, Esq., Harrisburg, PA and Morris E. Fischer, Esq., of Silver Spring, MD. They understood my case, my serious medical condition, showed a lot of empathy and really helped me through a difficult time in my life. I would highly recommend both of these lawyers for any employment law matters."

Tommy Melkus, Billings, MT

"I'm very pleased with the settlement agreement. In my mind, this agreement effectively clears my name of any wrongdoing and ends a dark chapter in my life. I'm also very grateful to Morris Fischer, Esq., who represented me on this case, was on top of my file and was very prepared for the hearing. I was so glad to see Mr. Fischer, who personally traveled from the Washington, DC area all the way to Billings. He made me feel confident and self assured that we were in the right."

Yvonne Glover, Durham, North Carolina

"I can't say enough good things about Morris E. Fischer, Esq., I got justice. My first attorney didn't do anything. Morris was very aggressive. His cross examination at trial of my supervisors was extremely intense, full of passion and strategic. One supervisor who perjured herself, "voluntarily" left the agency, shortly after the trial. I finally got to witness people who made me feel like a criminal, get put in their place. Yes- I would highly recommend this office. In fact, I can't think of another law firm I would recommend for wrongful termination claims against the government. I got my name cleared from something I didn't deserve. Morris Fischer was worth every penny I paid him. He fought very hard for my case and his firm's professionalism and organization showed its true colors during my trial."

Mike Devlin, Rising Sun, MD

"I would definitely recommend Morris Fischer, Lawyer, Maryland, for his outstanding work on my employment case. He and his associate, Daniel Kenney, Esq., handled my case with great care and concern. I particularly thought highly of the firm's performance at the deposition round of the litigation. They knew what to ask and how to elicit the necessary information that achieved a confidential settlement."

O.L., Baltimore, MD

"I am a client of the Law Office of Morris Fischer. Mr. Fischer's firm represented me successfully in my Maryland retirement benefits appeal. I achieved a positive outcome and I am now receiving the benefits from that decision. I truly would like to thank the office for its hard work."

Besty Keener, Essex, Maryland

"I would definitely recommend Morris E. Fischer. He handled my case over a period of about a year.He carefully reviewed all of my options throughout the legal process.He was not difficult to get a hold of. My case had a successful confidential settlement."

Shay Hitchcock, Batesville, Mississippi

"Let me say that I have enjoyed working with you on my cases. I cannot thank you enough for taking on this case when all the chips were stacked against me. I am glad that I received a callback from your office in the Summer of 2003 because, undoubtedly, it was only the combination of your drive and zeal with the steadfast necessity to clear my name that cleared the way for victory. I believe if there had been any other permutations of actions on your part or mine, the cases would have been a total loss. If I ever find myself in a bind again, I will look you up."

Theresa Phillips (GS-15), Lorton, VA

"After meeting Morris E. Fischer, Esq., for the first time, I wrote him the following email:


'I would like you to represent me in my MSPB/EEOC hearing against the Department of Homeland Security. My husband and I spent the last three days consulting with several attorneys. We decided that we should have gone with our gut and hired you on the spot. You stand head and shoulders above those that we met - all of whom have more years' experience. We recognize the magnitude of the situation we're facing - not only how it impacts my career, but how it impacts our family's future. We are not wealthy. We are honest, hardworking people. We both come from military families, have both honorably served our country, and three of our eight children wear a uniform in defense of our nation. We've worked nearly our entire adult lives serving the public. My husband and I have always done the right "thing" even when that "thing" resulted in personal sacrifice and hardship. We believe you are a lawyer for people just like us.... a defender of "the little guy." You struck us both as someone who is honest, open, and down to earth. You are someone we believe we can trust with our family's future. No matter what the outcome we are sure you will have given us everything you've got.

We sincerely hope you will represent me. I am available any time to talk to you on the phone or in your office about next steps. I am able and very willing to do as much of the heavy lifting to assist you with my case as I can. I look forward to hearing from you.'

Morris Fischer then represented me in my discrimination and retaliation case against the Department of Homeland Security. I am happy to say that all of the reasons I thought he would be excellent for my case turned out to be true. Mr. Fischer exceeded my expectations. He is a master negotiator. I received a confidential settlement that I was very pleased with. He was also prompt, professional, a delight to work with and has excellent follow through."

Jason M. , Northern Virginia"

"Morris: Upon review of the response letter your Associate Ethan Sapperstein drafted in response to the OSC's attempt to shut the case down I'm very happy. Ethan drafted a work of art; I couldn't state the matters at issue more clearly, outstanding work. Thank you Ethan and Morris"

Christine Miller, Cooksville, MD

"Morris E. Fischer, LLC., handled my sexual harassment case extremely proficiently. The firm managed the critical details right up to the end of the case. Morris even provided important guidance surrounding the tax treatment of my settlement. I also found Morris to be a superb negotiator. His book, "Secrets to Your Top Recovery" which I received complimentary for retaining the law firm, was very insightful and provided me with a step by step guide to maximizing my recovery. I found it very helpful in my journey through the litigation process.

I would highly recommend this law firm for serious sexual harassment claims. "

Cynthia Williams , Greenbelt, MD

"The Law Firm of Morris E. Fischer handled my retaliation and discrimination case in a professional manner. After I was terminated, the attorneys negotiated with my former employer to secure a settlement that I was very satisfied with. They were prompt with keeping me updated with the status of my case and responded to my calls and emails quickly. Even after I received my settlement check, the attorneys went above and beyond to ensure that my settlement money was paid to me. I would strongly recommend this firm for its quick results and professional attitude."

Client's name withheld for confidentiality, but welcomes divulging identity and further details upon calls to Mr. Fischer's office.

"When Mr. Fischer concluded negotiating my case to a successful resolution against Lucas Films, Inc., I turned to him and said, "You- you will be my lawyer again and I will refer you to all my friends. You changed my life for the better. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

James Brady, Key West, Florida

"I live in the Florida Keys and I was quite pleased with the manner in which Morris E. Fischer, LLC handled my appeal. I found this office to be totally on top of my case. In addition to the extensive brief written, the support staff was very helpful as well. They showed excellent follow through. Everyone got back to me when they said they would."

Christopher D. Ward, Waldorf, MD

"I wish to thank you and your staff for the efforts put forth by all in your firm. You and your staff were very attentive and responsive to the needs of my sister and me. To you and your staff, continued success and may God richly bless you all."

Paul Skiba,, Mount Airy, MD

"I was a regional manager earning six figures with a top data content delivery company. I was wrongfully terminated and not offered a severance package. Morris E. Fischer's office handled by case exceptionally well. If you are a top level executive, I would definitely recommend this office for your employment situation."

Graham Scott,, Washington, DC

"I found this office very personable, professional, courteous and efficient. , Thank you for your help."

Liu Qi, Melbourne, Australia

"I found Morris Fischer very experienced. He has a certain common sense which is to understand the client's situation. Mr. Fischer is always busy, but he always made time for me. He is able to multitask and he was very tough on my former employer. His staff members were very friendly and knowledgeable too."

Debbie Stewart,, Ridgeley, West Virginia

"I retained labor & employment lawyer, Morris E. Fischer, Esq., to represent me in my sexual harassment case. I was very impressed with the degree of aggressiveness and professionalism that Mr. Fischer displayed in representing me. His firm interviewed the key witnesses in my case and did all the leg work to get me a settlement I was very pleased with. I was also delighted with how personally prepared Mr. Fischer was throughout my case."

J.M. (name withheld, but client is willing to serve as a reference if requested), Providence, Rhode Island

"I had a dispute with my employer. I hired Morris Fischer, and in a few phone calls he resolved the case for more money than I anticipated. Yes-I would definitely recommend Morris Fischer's legal services."

Minister, Yevonne Cohen, Owings Mills, MD

"I truly recommend Morris Fischer for all of his help on my employment case. He showed himself to be tough, yet fair and honest throughout his dealings with me."

Stephen Spence, Cascade, MD

"Morris Fischer fought for me right to the very end of the case. His tough and aggressive litigation really paid off for me to obtain my settlement checks. "

Michael Hylton, Silver Spring, MD

"Morris, thank you so much for the hard work done on my case. I will certainly turn to you for any of my legal needs in the future. "

John T. Seely, Jr., Taneytown, MD

"I thought my case against my former government employer was hopeless and that I would have a real difficult time getting a lawyer to believe in me. When I called Morris Fischer's office, he first advised me that he had to review all of my documents to assess my case's legal merits. After that happened, Mr. Fischer told me that he believed in my case and that we had reason to be hopeful. Upon meeting Morris Fischer and speaking with him for about twenty minutes, my instincts were that this was someone who understood me, my situation, as well as the legal process and how to reach a successful conclusion. As the case progressed, it simply dawned on me the more that I spoke with him, that this was someone who is probably one of the sharpest and most skilled employment law attorneys in all of Maryland. Morris handled my case brilliantly. He developed the strongest legal defenses for my side of the case. He spent a lot of time working with me to prepare for trial. At the end of the day, my employer settled with me on the day of trial. I was quite pleased with the confidential settlement that we reached. The results I obtained from Morris E. Fischer were more than I expected and well worth the financial investment I made in the case. I would highly recommend Morris E. Fischer as your employment lawyer. Thank you so much for the effort you made on my case. It was a great pleasure working with you."

Cindy Faulkner, Lockhart, Texas

"Yeah! It actually happened, I got the 6% pay increase (2 steps) and I got my back pay in this check. HR Connect reflects the proper grade and step. So go get em Thomas! Call Morris Fischer if they give you any trouble. I feel certain that he was responsible for the resolution of my pay issues. I made zero progress until Morris got involved, then within 10 days they found a way to resolve my pay issues in my favor. He was just great. Thank you again Morris, I'll recommend you to anyone with labor issues!"

Robin Thornton, Beltsville, MD

"Morris Fischer's law firm handled my case professionally and aggressively. We reached a settlement without going to trial. I would highly recommend this office for employment matters. Thank you Morris -Job Well Done!"

Dave Bennett, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"My case was in Florida and Morris E. Fischer got right on it. The company settled without litigation. Without Mr. Fischer, it wouldn't have."

Dendry Aguilar, Silver Spring, MD

"I was very satisfied with my lawyer, Morris Fischer's performance. He analyzed my case very well and followed through when it counted. Whether your issue is discrimination, employment contract related or retaliation, I would recommend Mr. Morris E. Fischer for your legal needs."

Gerald Joseph, Severn, MD

"Morris - you are truly a hero for the little guy."

Ed Kearney, Bel Air, MD

"In December, 2006 I received a letter and an appeal form from the Office of Personnel Management in reference to my retirement annuity being recalculated due to my failure to elect to pay credits for my military service. I later found out that my annuity was being recomputed because I did in fact elect not to make the deposits because my personnel office misinformed me and gave me erroneous information that influenced my decision. I was never informed about one single negative consequence if I did not elect to make the deposits for my post 1956 military service. I decided to hire an attorney to look into this matter for me, but after I showed him the letter I received, he informed me that I did not have a case. This was devastating because I stood to lose thousands of dollars on my yearly retirement.

I did further research and found Mr. Morris Fischer's law office and decided to give him a call since I was impressed with his credentials and experience. I explained my predicament to him and he asked me to fax a copy of everything I had received so he could review the documents.

To my amazement, I received a call in a day or so and it was enlightening to hear these words from Mr. Fischer, "Ed, you do have a case." I was still somewhat skeptical after previously being informed by another attorney that I didn't have a case. I decided to retain Mr. Fischer to handle this case for me because there was too much at stake not to take into service a professional law advisor. Mr. Fischer handled my case professionally and accurately with the Merit System Protection Board and within a month, I received a letter from OPM informing me that I would be allowed to pay my military credits. The swift action on Mr. Fischer's part resulted not only in my being able to pay my military credits but also resulted in all back pay as a result of OPM reducing my annuity. My annuity was restored to be made whole. I am so pleased I obtained Mr. Fischer to represent me in this legal case and I would not hesitate to obtain him to represent me in any further legal matters. I would recommend his office for representations without any reservations whatsoever."

Bob Holmes,, Midlothian, VA

"Employment lawyer from Maryland, Morris E. Fischer, didn't waste much time in resolving my unpaid sales commission case quickly and professionally. He turned down the company's initial offers, then filed suit, moved for Summary Judgment and we obtained a rightful settlement."

Frances Darcangelo, New Freedom, PA

"THE HARDEST WORKING MAN IN BETHESDA. I walked into Morris Fischer's office in March, 2004, with a big ol' mess of a lawsuit. My suit was the worst kind of employment law: the crushing task of litigating the Americans with Disabilities Act. I think he took the case, despite the fact that he was taking on a suit that was already scheduled for pretrial conference because mine was and is a fascinating tale. I was suing a Fortune 100 company, one of the largest employers in the world, represented by an international law firm with hundreds of lawyers, all of whom got paid by the page. I had already sued my employer once for firing me; in that case, I received not just a written opinion, but a partial remand in a Published Opinion from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia. So, maybe there was something to my claim. But I wouldn't have been in Morris' office if I hadn't lost my first lawyer, who had represented me for 5 years and faced with actually going to trial in Baltimore, Maryland, he got a serious case of cold feet. What this meant for Morris was over a 100 docket entries, not just garden-variety continuances, jury instructions and exhibit lists, but a hearing to enforce settlement, motions to compel, motions to appoint experts, a whole raft of defense motions In Limine, and finally, Renewed Summary Judgment. But that's not all. The reason my first attorney choked was that he simply wasn't prepared to actually go to trial. He postponed pretrial conference twice and pressured me to settle. What this meant to Morris was a prior counsel who not only refused to cooperate with him, but who unbelievably delayed forwarding my files and with good reason. He finally sent boxes of thousands of documents in a lump of papers, with no organization at all -- he didn't even provide complete copies of deposition transcripts. Most lawyers would have walked away, but not the hardest working lawyer in Bethesda. Morris put the necessary manpower to work on my case, sorting out the mess and overcame problem after problem my first lawyer had left for him. Finally, it was noon on Thursday before my trial would start on Monday and the judge called to postpone the trial. I had lost my spot on the docket to a trial for 8 drug dealers. A couple of weeks went by. The next time we heard from the judge, rather than reschedule the trial, he granted the defense Renewed Summary Judgment. The two years Morris spent on this case featured heroic efforts over and over again. Just like everyone else, most lawyers like to take the easy way out. But not the hardest working lawyer in Bethesda. Think your case is hopeless? Don't give up before you call Morris E. Fischer, Esq."

Alison Fahey, President and CEO, Ingenious Medical Solutions, LLC

"I am the President of Ingenious Medical Solutions, LLC. My company does business throughout New York and other areas of the northeast. The legal services of Morris E. Fischer, Esq. were actually referred to me by my marketing group. After using Mr. Fischer on one occasion a number of months ago suffice it to say that I make it a regular practice of my business to have Morris Fischer review and analyze all sales commission contracts that involve my company. I find that he reports promptly and is highly responsive to my company's needs. The advice he provides demonstrates his superior knowledge of sales commission issues and I feel very confident that my sales commission contract legal issues are in good hands."

Kunle Fagbenle, Esq., President of Global Lawyering, LLC, upon retaining Morris E. Fischer, LLC in a class action lawsuit, Azikiwe, et al v. Nigeria Airways, Ltd.

"I have known Morris for more than five years. We've turned to Morris E. Fischer in this matter for his great breadth of litigation experience, having litigated cases in numerous states, his great integrity and common sense approach to law, which is an invaluable asset to this case."

M.R., Las Vegas, NV

"Morris E. Fischer, Esq. vigorously litigated my sales commission dispute. He worked directly with me reviewing the sales documents, understood the accounting system my former company utilized to record sales and how it could be manipulated and made the tough motions before the Judge when the company couldn't produce the correct records demonstrating the sales. At the end of the day, I received a large settlement that I was satisfied with and never even had to travel once from my Las Vegas residence to the east coast for the successful completion of this case."

Abee Sidique, Owner, Seska Lounge, Bethesda, MD

"Morris E. Fischer, LLC, did an excellent and professional job in handling my partnership dissolution. Mr. Fischer showed a mastery of the issues involved in a partnership break up, both professional and personal, and helped me move my life forward. He provided the right advice, negotiated a deal for more than I expected and completed these services in an efficient and affordable manner. I would highly recommend his office for your professional needs."

Dr. David Ho, Founder, HeMemics Biotechnology, Inc.

"Morris E. Fischer, Esq. is an excellent labor and employment lawyer. He handled my case with the utmost professionalism and demonstrated mastery in the area of employment contracts. If you are looking for a labor and employment attorney, in Maryland or the Washington, D.C. area, I would highly recommend him. I was so impressed with the manner in which the firm handled my case and the outcome of my legal matter that I have asked Mr. Fischer to serve as counsel for my new company."

Lida Skrzypczak, Washington, DC

"I was looking for a Labor lawyer in the Washington, D.C. metro area. I found Morris E. Fischer. I very much enjoyed working with Morris. He was very professional and showed a genuine interest in my case. Working alongside my union, Morris Fischer, proved himself to be a first rate labor lawyer in Maryland and we were able to negotiate a final settlement that enabled me to put closure on a very difficult episode in my life and move on to my next career endeavor. Morris also promptly returned my phone calls and was always up to date in bringing to me my case's developments."

By request, client's name is withheld for on-line publication. Individuals with a similar case seeking a reference will be given the client's name and contact information.

"My employment contract with a Washington, D.C. law firm was not well drafted. It promised me a raise upon satisfactory performance. Upon separation from the firm, my employer took the position that I was an "at-will" employee and had no contract rights. Morris E. Fischer, Esq., reviewed my contract, determined that under the law, given the manner in which it was drafted, there was an excellent chance that the Courts would not view me as "at-will." After several communications Mr. Fischer had with my employer, he compelled my employer to pay me a lump sum settlement and provide a letter of reference that I would be proud to show any future employer. I would highly recommend this office both to employees and especially employers for drafting employment and other contracts."

Scott Meek, Annapolis, Maryland

"Morris E. Fischer, Esq.,effectively represented me and prosecuted my case professionally. In a few short months they obtained a settlement for me on my wage dispute claim. I would recommend this office for a quick, just and fair result."

By request, client's name is withheld for on-line publication. Individuals with a similar case seeking a reference will be given the client's name and contact information.

"Morris E. Fischer, LLC professionally and diligently handled my case. Upon reaching a settlement, Mr. Fischer's office got tough with my employer and wouldn't accept settlement until the agreement had terms satisfactory to me and my new business. I would definitely recommend this office for employment law matters."

By request, client's name is withheld for on-line publication. Individuals with a similar case seeking a reference will be given the client's name and contact information.

"Morris E. Fischer, Esq.,boldly litigated the sales commission claim against my former employer to a successful completion. When the company asked the Court to move for Summary Judgment to dismiss my case, my attorney promptly counter-moved the Court to dismiss the company's defense. Based on the quality and strength of the legal brief to the Court, not only did the company reiterate a willingness to settle, but it more than doubled its previous offer!"

Christopher M. Savell, Baltimore, Maryland

"Mr. Fischertook my case seriously and handled it professionally. He researched every angle of the case law to make certain that none of my claims would be overlooked and it certainly paid off. In just four short months, I had more than tripled my financial investment. I also learned that there's no substitute for having a lawyer who knows what he's talking about."

April Bortner, Hampstead, Maryland

"Morris Fischer handled my disability discrimination case in a professional and more than competent manner. He reviewed the case with me at each stage, including medical records, doctor's notes and correspondence with the company. I felt very much included in the case right at the EEOC stage without the need to file in Court or making this too much of a disruption in my life. I would certainly recommend Morris E. Fischer, Esq., for his knowledge of discrimination law and careful manner of operation."

Norman R. Blount, Jr., Richmond, Virginia

"Mr. Fischer handled my contract dispute with the utmost professionalism, diligence and care. As a professional golf caddie on the PGA Tour, Morris Fischer not only respected my time and travel schedule, he always made himself available to listen to my concerns. In winning my trial, he showed himself to be a first-rate attorney who I would strongly recommend."

Al Larke, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"My company employed me as an independent contractor and believed they could take advantage of my situation. Morris Fischer believed in my case and showed passion and determination in winning my trial. His knowledge of contract law in the realm of employment disputes was quite apparent when it counted, in the courtroom. He also went the extra mile to make sure that my company paid every penny owed to me."

Herb Zinder, President, Zinder Anesthesia Associates, Lutherville, Maryland

"My case was complex and after Mr. Fischer carefully reviewed it, he advised me that certain aspects favored the defendant. He then used excellent judgment in working out a settlement, rather than proceeding with a trial and losing. The settlement further put me in a position to recoup additional losses at a later date against the party who would have otherwise escaped liability."

John Cross, President, Nostalgia Inc., Baltimore, Maryland

"As the President of an import/export company that ships goods to Africa for over four years, I have looked to Morris Fischer Esq. to assist in conflict resolution, as well as to draft contractual agreements that have prevented disputes. Mr. Fischer is an individual of sound character. His hard work for Nostalgia, Inc. has provided peace of mind for me and my company in a hectic international business environment."

American Federation of Government Worker (AFGE) Member and Registered Nurse, Department of Veteran Affairs, West Virginia

"Morris Fischer, Esq. recently represented me in an employee discipline case against the Department of Veteran Affairs. I reported a system error to management in 1998. Action was not taken on that issue. In 2004, I became a victim of the exact problem I was trying to correct. I was falsely accused of intentional falsification of records. Due to this accusation I was removed from my position and reassigned and required to work excessive overtime. Mr. Fischer's diligence and attentiveness to my case, which culminated in a two day hearing, resulted in the finding of my innocence of this charge. I was reinstated back to my previous position. Additionally, I was reimbursed for the overtime I was forced to work. Mr. Fischer is an attorney that works for you."

Louis Klaitman, President of Lookinglass, Inc., Baltimore, MD

"I am the owner of a wholesale company in Baltimore, Maryland. I was involved in a situation in which a client of mine failed to disburse to my company, monies we were entitled to. Morris E. Fischer, Esq. accepted this case, thoroughly investigated the matter, and aggressively pursued a just settlement. As a result of Attorney Fischer's diligence my company received a settlement that satisfied my expectations. Mr. Fischer is a hard working attorney who can be looked upon for results. I highly recommend theservices of Morris E. Fischer, Esq."

By request, client's name iswithheld for on-line publication. Individuals with a similar case seeking a reference will be given the client's name and contact information.

"I recently transitioned from one employer to another. I hired Morris E. Fischer, Esq. to examine both my contract with my previous employer, as well as give me guidance prior to signing a contract with my current employer. Mr. Fischer provided excellent counsel in regards to my contractual agreements and the legality of bringing previous clients to my present company. I highly recommend Morris E.Fischer, Esq.; he provides assurance during an uncertain time."