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Tough, Aggressive, and Vigorous

Employment Law Litigation

Tough, Aggressive, and Vigorous

Employment Law Litigation

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Morris E. Fischer, LLC is a full-service employment and business law firm, representing a mix of clients from federal employees, private sector employees and corporations in the areas of employment law, including Wrongful TerminationWhistleblowerM.S.P.B. DisciplineDiscriminationAge DiscriminationSexual HarassmentRetaliationSecurity ClearancesSeparation Agreement negotiation and creatively working to protect our client’s Businesses

In 2017, Expertise, a national ranking company, reviewed 150 Employment Lawyers in the Washington, DC Metro area and selected my firm for an award as a top 16 Employment Lawyer. In 2018, for the second straight year, Expertise honored me with same award. I have offices in New York City and Silver Spring, Maryland, just outside of DC. I have won Appeals in seven different Appeals Courts.

I have won jury trials both representing the employee and the employer. I am actively involved in the legal community where I have testified before the Maryland House of Delegates, House Ways and Means Committee on the Maryland Civil Rights Tax Relief Act (CRTRA), that testimony helped produce legislation exempting pain and suffering damages in employment cases from state tax. 

We have represented employees in the private sector, federal employees, as well as corporations in defending wrongful termination lawsuits, as well as other corporate litigation. Admitted to the bar for nearly twenty-four years, I possess a wealth of unique and diversified experience, including representing a client before the United States Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and other cases involving national media attention.

Between business and pleasure, I have traveled to 47 of our 50 states, and have the unique ability to connect with people from all walks of life. I also have the great skill in truly understanding a client’s problem and the creative ability to find the most affordable way to resolve it.

Contact our office today. We can meet with you and determine the best way in which to proceed with your case, keeping your best interests in mind. Let us work to make the law work for you.

Firm's Guidelines to Initial Consultations

We welcome and thank each and every one of you who send in your inquiries to our website. Our firm receives inquiries from all over the United States on a wide range of topics. Many of the individuals who contact our office through the website become our clients. We review these inquiries carefully. We determine whether we can offer constructive guidance to the individual. There are many areas of law in which we don't practice, such as family or criminal law. Moreover, there are certain kinds of cases within employment law that are not within the scope of our usual practice, such as cases against companies that are in bankruptcy.

Consequently, it is our practice when we respond to written inquiries to first make the individual aware of whether the inquiry is within the scope of the firm's practice. Following that step, we can then schedule the individual for an initial consultation that generally lasts approximately 15 minutes. At the consultation, the facts and legal elements of the case are discussed along with that which is involved in retaining the law firm for representation.

In addition, the review of severance packages, separation agreements or employment contracts are an extremely important crossroads in today's world. Because every line of these agreements must be reviewed thoroughly, our office cannot possibly provide the kind of attention they require in a fifteen minute consultation. Therefore, for each agreement brought to our attention, we spend at least an hour reviewing the agreement and consulting with our client. Currently, we offer a thorough comprehensive review of a severance package at the low introductory flat rate of $450.

At our office, each lawyer and staff member has been carefully selected based on prior professional and law firm experience. Each staff member has a deep appreciation for client communication, meeting responsibility and not settling for anything less than excellent results. I don't tolerate anything less than total and complete commitment to our firm's clients by any staff member. As a result, many of our clients have provided testimonials, attesting to the firm's outstanding staff.