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Employment Law Litigation

Tough, Aggressive, and Vigorous

Employment Law Litigation

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Does your firm take cases on contingency?

We will accept contingency cases on a case by case basis. Certain kinds of cases such as retaliation, discrimination or sales commissions lend themselves more to a contingency type of arrangement. Other cases involving employee counseling or disciplinary matters generally will not.

Do I need to pay for the initial consultation?

There are two kinds of consultations. The general discussion of an employee’s situation is usually limited to approximately 15-20 minutes and we do not charge for that discussion. However, there are occasions in which the issues are many and complicated and there is no way that the lawyer can give any responsible advice in this short period of time. If that is the case, our firm will advise the client before the consultation that the consultation will be one hour and we do have to charge our introductory fee of $425.

We also cannot provide any responsible advice for any document review, such as a separation agreement or employment contract without reviewing those documents in–depth. It would be like asking a radiologist to diagnose a fracture without looking at an x-ray. It simply can’t be done in any professional manner. We do charge an introductory fee of $425 for that service. 

What is my statute of limitations?

That also depends on the case, but once that date is missed it is very difficult to bring your case. Therefore, if you’re unsure about your limitations period, see a lawyer immediately.

Do you handle non-employment related discrimination cases?

Discrimination matters such as fair housing are not areas of law we handle.

I have a disability claim that is not covered by the ADA, can you help me?

How do you know it’s not covered? It very well might be. Let’s talk about it.

Do you handle unemployment appeals?

We only handle unemployment appeals if we decide to represent the client on an underlying discrimination or retaliation matter. We generally do not handle unemployment matters alone.

Do you handle workers compensation cases?

We do not handle workers compensation cases, but we can refer them to a very fine workers compensation attorney.

My criminal background is a factor in my case, can you help?

That depends on the case. Let’s talk about it.