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Have you blown the whistle?

Have you been retaliated against?

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Are you disabled?

Have you blown the whistle?

Have you been retaliated against?

Have you been terminated or suspended?

Have you been denied a reasonable accommodation?

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On behalf of Morris E. Fischer, LLC posted in Publications on January 2, 2014

How to maximize the Attorney-Client relationship to give your employment law case the best chance of success

By: Morris E. Fischer, Esq.

I wrote this book principally for clients or future clients of my office to inform them of the best and most productive ways they can help achieve success in their cases. When I began my legal career in 1995, I couldn’t have possibly written this guide without the extensive experience I have gathered in my career since then. Let me share with you a brief overview of my experiences in the legal profession.

In law school, I served as a law clerk for New York State Supreme Court Justice Kenneth D. Molloy. This clerkship was a phenomenal opportunity for a young law student because it provided me with a box seat view of trial work, litigation, and the inner workings of a court.

After graduation, I worked for the State-Wide Insurance Company in Hempstead, NY, where, among other duties, I was given small claims trials for the company, and I started keeping track of the reasons I was able to prevail in court. As I proceeded with my legal career in New York, I represented hundreds of clients from both the plaintiff and the defense sides of the cases. My final legal job in New York was with the law firm of Kramer & Devries, LLP. At the time, Lenore Kramer, Esq., was the President of the New York State Trial Lawyer’s Association. I worked a great deal with her partner Keith Devries, Esq., a phenomenal trial lawyer, from whom I learned a monumental amount. The firm was so high powered that it received referrals from Johnnie Cochran’s New York office. Although my experience there was short, for I left to marry and settle in Maryland, it was life changing. I will truly remember being part of Kramer & Devries as one of the great highlights of my career.

In Maryland where I have now practiced for over twelve years, I broadened my practice to encompass Federal, State, and Administrative employment law claims. I believe that one of the primary advantages that I have over most of my competitors is the great breadth of cases I have handled along with the different venues in which I have practiced. For example, I frankly don’t know of any other lawyer who practiced in the high-pressured environment of New York City on multi-million dollar tort claims and then later also secured a successful $870,000 trial verdict in Oxford, Mississippi.

I have tried to learn from every experience, good or bad. At one point, I won twelve cases in a row on summary judgment for a highly reputable Park Avenue, Manhattan law firm. At that time, I asked myself, “What do all of these cases have in common?” I couldn’t quite put my finger on the answer at that time, but when I moved to Maryland in late 2000 and set up my own practice, I had the opportunity to continue to represent hundreds of clients with employment and business claims. This continued experience enabled me to develop a formula for achieving the best results for any given lawsuit.

Finally, after thirteen years of practice and over seventeen years in the legal field, I decided to write this guide to share my winning formula with my clients. I believe that through effective cooperation we can maximize our chances and recoveries for both of our benefits. This book contains the most vital information that defense firms don’t want you to know about and what other lawyers may charge you hundreds of dollars per hour to find out.

Since 2009, when the first edition of this book was distributed to my clients, I noticed one important trend: Clients who followed the book’s directives, overall, did better than clients who did not.

In 2012, my firm was brought into the national spotlight in a case Hayes v. Napolitano, Civil Action No. 12-825 (ABJ). The firm represented New York City, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) chief James Hayes when was passed over for promotions in favor of less-qualified individuals, some of whom used to work for Janet Napolitano and were friends of hers, when she was governor of Arizona. When Hayes complained about discrimination and government corruption, he was retaliated against by ICE officials launching six investigations against him, none of which were founded. Hayes lawsuit alleged among other things that ICE Chief of Staff, Ms. Barr created a frat house-type atmosphere culture.

The case gathered national press coverage, including segments on NBC's Today show and Fox News, as well as articles on CNN, and national papers such as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, and Washington Post. After several months of litigation in federal Court, the case resulted in ICE Chief of Staff resigning and a $175,000 settlement without Mr. Hayes being forced to resign.

Many clients have told me of their desire to use the media advantageously during their case. The Hayes case provided such opportunity to use the media that I added a chapter in this book discussing the mechanics in dealing with the media that helped bring about an excellent result.

Written in an easy, readable, and user-friendly form, this 257 page book breaks down the complicated legal process to simple components that non-lawyers can understand. For example, did you ever wonder what defense lawyers do during and after your deposition? Here's a sample from the book, explaining their role.

Clients will pay hundreds of dollars an hour, translating to several thousand dollars in consultations with their attorneys to learn the priceless information contained in this book. I have literally seen the same kinds of cases achieve different results, based upon a client's ability and willingness to follow and implement these strategies. Think of it this way, the difference between a large settlement and verdict and a small one sometimes is very thin and can rest on one or two of the principles contained in this guide.

To help improve your chances of a large settlement or verdict, order this book from our office for $14.95, or you can obtain a complimentary copy by retaining our law office for your case.

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