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Employment Law Litigation

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Employment Law Litigation

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Non-Compete Agreements

Silver Spring Non-Compete and Executive Pay Package Agreements Attorneys

Within the current business world, non-compete agreements have become fairly standard in many different types of industries in order to protect a company's client base. We review these agreements, as well as executive pay package contracts, to ensure that a legally binding document is in place.

At our office we provide comprehensive assistance to employees going through job changes and advice as to the validity of these contracts. Contact a Silver Spring non-­compete agreement attorney to set up an initial consultation.

Guidance with Your Covenant to Not Compete From a Lawyer Serving Chevy Chase and Surrounding Areas

The services that we provide related to non-compete agreements are the same types of services that we offer in all types of contract matters. We can assist with the issues below, which need to be addressed or can cause serious complications.

  • Reviewing and negotiating the agreement
  • Determining how restrictive an agreement can be
  • Advising on when the agreement should be signed (usually at the beginning of the employment)
  • Determining the terms of the agreement (how long is it for, what industry is it for, will it be revised and renewed each year)

Our legal team can help you understand the importance of these documents for your present and future success. Our office has reviewed and consulted on non-compete agreements covering industries such as computer software, accounting and auditing services, equipment and heavy machinery, as well as communications.

Executive Pay Packages in Maryland

Whether you are a company seeking guidance with drafting and reviewing executive pay packages, or you are an executive who needs help deciding if you are fully protected in your contract, our Maryland employment law firm (link to contact us page) will help. Our lawyers have years of experience analyzing contracts and protecting the interests of our clients. We have helped protect employee rights, employer rights and have helped federal employees on a regular basis. We know what needs to be done to build the best case for you.

Our lawyers understand that the review of severance packages is critical. These agreements must be reviewed thoroughly and we cannot possibly cover everything that needs to be completed in one 15 minute consultation. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive review of your agreements at a low flat rate of $440 so we can take the proper amount of time to analyze the entire document and consult with you regarding our findings.

A consultation is available so you can discuss your situation with a member of our legal team and more importantly have your contract reviewed before you sign it. Contact our employment law firm.